AssetWatch Oil Analysis

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Optimize efficiency and cut costs with our tailored asset management solution for the building products industry. Unlock your full potential today!

AssetWatch introduces a groundbreaking Lubrication-Analysis-as-a-Service, specifically designed to revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your equipment maintenance. With AssetWatch, the hassle of oil sampling is a thing of the past. Our service includes a comprehensive testing panel that integrates data directly into our intuitive software. This allows our team of lubrication experts to closely assess your data alongside your in-plant lubrication practices. Our goal is to work with you, pinpointing precise areas for improvement and optimization, ensuring your lubrication program is not just maintained but enhanced.

Understanding that nearly 30% of the average maintenance budget is consumed by equipment failures due to poor lubrication practices, AssetWatch aims to drastically reduce this expenditure. Through our unique service offering, you gain access to all the manpower you need without increasing your headcount. From on-site lubrication assessment, sample collection, and data analysis by a dedicated Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), to delivering next steps via two-way chat for real-time decision making, our approach is comprehensive. The capabilities extend beyond mere analysis, including elemental analysis tests, viscosity tests, water content analysis, particle counts, and more, all stored on a cloud-based platform accessible to your maintenance team. By leveraging our service, you're not just investing in maintenance, but in the future of your assets, with dynamic ROI calculations and asset life predictions based on a holistic view of lubrication and vibration data.

To delve deeper into how AssetWatch can transform your lubrication practices and contribute to significant cost savings and efficiency gains, we encourage you to download our full resource. Gain complete insight into our capabilities, detailed analyses, and the impact of our service on your maintenance strategy.

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