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Oil Analysis

A deeper level of analysis and real time communication with experts to resolve issues

What's Included?

AssetWatch delivers concise, actionable oil analysis and vibration data coupled with machine learning in one location...the days of disparate information and static PDFs are over.

Simplify your oil analysis program with everything needed plus expert analysis, prescriptive advice and the positive financial impact to your business.  

Sample bottles, with shipping included

Comprehensive fluid analysis tests for water and particle contamination, viscosity, & more

CMMS Integration

Expert oil analysis and real-time 2-way communication with a dedicated certified Condition Monitoring Engineer

In-depth root cause analysis and detailed corrective actions for your assets

World class analytics and dynamic ROI calculations for oil analysis, vibration, and temperature in the AssetWatch® cloud platform

How It Works

We uniquely provide monetary insights with every oil sample so that you can make informed decisions. Plus, we combine this with vibration and other technologies for even more precise diagnostics. Eliminate unplanned downtime and monitor your entire facility in one place with the holistic AssetWatch condition-based maintenance SaaS solution.

CME Review
CME Review
CME Review
CME Review
CME Monitoring
CME Review
CME Monitoring
Be Proactive
AssetWatch oil sample bottles

01 | Receive

Kits will be sent to you ahead of time that include oil sampling bottles, sampling documentation labels, and one return label.

CME creating a work order

02 | Create

The AssetWatch platform will notify you when it's time to take a sample and, if interfaced with your CMMS, seamlessly generate a work order.

Engineer collecting oil

03 | Collect

No more forms! Your lubrication tech will select the component in the AssetWatch platform and scan the QR code to link all of the critical data.

Engineer sampling oil

04 | Analyze

What makes AssetWatch extra special is our ability to turn data into action. You will have a dedicated Condition Monitoring Engineer (CME) as your partner to provide prescriptive analysis via 2-way communication in the platform on specific steps your team can take to address the problem and then calculate a dynamic ROI on each oil sample, as well as view asset life predictions.

05 | Prescriptive Insights & Collaboration

Your dedicated Condition Monitoring Engineer will work with you to determine the root cause of the problem and develop an action plan. You no longer have to guess which filter to use or how clean a system should be. Your CME will help with all decisions and calculations to achieve the desired result.

A Deeper Look

AssetWatch Desktop dashboard
AssetWatch Maintenance recommended dashboard
AssetWatch comparison chart

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