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The Platform

AssetWatch is rapidly deployed in each facility and our 3 step process creates value day 1

Your Partner in Eliminating Downtime

Meet your newest team member. The AssetWatch® cloud platform―powered by machine learning―and a dedicated Condition Monitoring Engineer monitor your assets 24/7.

How It Works

Facility Onboarding

You are provided a dedicated Condition Monitoring Engineer who will help identify the criticality and monitoring needs of your Facility.

Professional Installation

Our field service techs rapidly install the AssetWatch system. No equipment modification or complex installation required.

Dedicated AssetWatch Network

Monitoring sensors connect to the dedicated AssetWatch network to deliver data to AW cloud. Our network is your safe and secure proactive maintenance network.

Connect, Monitor and Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Receive prescriptive actions from your CME to fix issues early and eliminate unplanned downtime forever.

Jaidev K.

Maintenance recommended for Motor 430s

The 1x turning speed has increased and is now at 0.72 in/sec at 29.7Hz. Please inspect the condition of the base bolts of the motor and ensure there is no looseness present.


Torqued base bolts down to 245 ft/lbs this morning. Found a few that had loosened up a bit. Are the readings better?

Jaidev K.


Yes. Back to normal at 0.2 in/sec

Scotts Miracle Gro
Sherwin Williams
Worthington Industries
Scotts Miracle Gro
Sherwin Williams
Worthington Industries

Join the Proactive Maintenance Movement

We serve hundreds of customers, preventing downtime daily and driving significant savings to the bottom line.

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Condition based
monitoring in action

One Sensor Saved a Potential $500k in Lost Gross Margin!

Since the first installation, more than 5 million full-spectral vibration and temperature readings have been gathered by Vero® sensors.

We provide continuous monitoring across the important assets that lead to lost production and costly repair if they fail.

We deliver a centralized view for facility and corporate leaders. Know the gains proactive maintenance delivers in real time.

AssetWatch dashboard image

Let's Build Together

Our journey is just beginning, as we partner with customers to eliminate unplanned downtime and unlock significant value.

Annual Production Lost
Global Cost of Downtime
Issues to Be Detected

A Relationship for the Long Term

Building a platform to transform industrial maintenance based on these timeless principles.

Detect machine issues in their infancy

Machine issues can be identified weeks if not months ahead of failure. Our platform provides monitoring across a broad range of conditions and components, delivering a wholistic view of an asset’s health.

Resolve the issue in the least expensive way

Early detection enables proactive effort to address issues in the least expensive way, eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing annual machine repair costs. We bring the best of human and technology to help our customers know what steps need taken from detection to resolution.

Report proactive impact across an organization

Condition data and resulting wins from proactive maintenance can have a reverberating impact across an organization, from supply chain planning to the shareholder reporting. We are building tools, dashboards and integrations to ensure the great work of our facility level customers is known and felt across their company.

Continuously learn together for future improvement

Proactive maintenance is a culture. We collaborate together as an extension of your team to continuously improve and learn in order to achieve maximum uptime and manufacturing efficiency.









Our 30-day, risk free trial is only $199.

AssetWatch customers save on average 8x in ROI. That means for every $1 you give us, we give 8 back to you.

Includes professional installation of up to 200 sensors (a $10k+ value)

24/7 monitoring and a dedicated CME for your site

AssetWatch cloud-based software with unlimited licenses

No CapEx, Engineering or IT integration required