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January 30, 2023

Nikola Labs, Inc. Announces Rebrand, Changes Name to AssetWatch®‍

Nikola Labs unveils new name, new website, and bold and distinct new visual identity as a part of an extensive rebranding initiative.

January 30, 2023– Nikola Labs, Inc., the leading condition monitoring and proactive maintenance organization, announced today its new name AssetWatch® and new website as a part of its first ever rebrand.

Nikola Lab’s actionable and prescriptive software platform AssetWatch– and the dedicated condition monitoring experts that deliver best-in-class service– have become synonymous with proactive maintenance. Over the past three years, hundreds of industrial manufacturing facilities have come to rely on the AssetWatch platform to provide tangible insights and truly actionable recommendations to extend asset life and prevent downtime. Today, it only makes sense to truly showcase the strengths of this next-generation solution by fully embracing AssetWatch as the new company name. 

According to CEO Brian Graham, “The future of proactive maintenance is now. We’ve worked with organizations across many industries and of all different sizes, budgets, and digital sophistication. The challenge, however, is the same― how to maximize maintenance and reliability teams’ time so they can make data-driven, purposeful actions to prevent unplanned downtime. That’s where AssetWatch comes in. The new company name is rooted in our commitment to go above and beyond for all customers in their pursuit of proactive maintenance and give them the tools, recommendations, and follow through needed for success.”

“We are fully committed to focus on our vision of helping manufacturing organizations make the transition from reactive to proactive maintenance and make it easier than ever to deploy, monitor and act without additional overhead, engineering, or capex,” said Will Zell, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder. “The rebrand to AssetWatch® further signifies our promise to customers to be a partner in their reliability journey, to care for their machine assets, and continue to deliver the exceptional ROI, quality of service, and dependable insights needed to eliminate downtown.”

The History & Transformation

Nikola Labs was founded in 2014 as a wireless power company utilizing core technology from The Ohio State University, launched through Ikove Capital’s Startup Nursery. In 2017, Nikola Labs was introduced to the application of condition monitoring for manufacturing equipment and leveraged its years of experience and expertise in ultra-low power electronic design to become a leader in sensor-based condition monitoring. As part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), condition monitoring of machine assets enables the prediction of machine breakdown before failure happens, proactively addressing problems and preventing unplanned downtime.

The stars aligned so strongly on this application of wireless vibration and temperature sensors that it led Nikola to move away from wireless power and focus solely on becoming a full solution condition monitoring provider, coupling the hardware with machine learning and a remote monitoring team of reliability experts. Nikola launched its first condition monitoring product in 2019. Fueled by a recent round of Series A funding, AssetWatch is continuing to invest in the rapid evolution and future of reliability and maintenance.

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