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Extending the Useful Life of Machine Assets in Plastics and Protective Film Manufacturing

The Challenge

A leading global plastics and protective film manufacturer needed to minimize unplanned downtime and increase plant OEE to meet production demand for their 5,000 global customers. With aging machinery and retiring maintenance staff, they needed an affordable solution that could extend the useful life of their equipment while decreasing the burden placed on maintenance and reliability teams. Vero® was just the solution to deliver both.

Creating Value, Resolving Issues

AssetWatch's Condition Monitoring Engineers (CME) reduce the work load and increase efficiencies for maintenance and reliability teams by monitoring machine health data and alerting customers to potential faults before they occur, allowing for scheduled proactive maintenance, not reactive repairs.

In the case of this plastic film manufacturer, the CME alerted the customer to an extruder gearbox issue developing on one of their most profitable lines, leading to the discovery of 0.0005” radial play on the input shaft of the gearbox, versus the tolerance of only 0.0003”.

After pulling the shaft and replacing bearings on the 1960s-era gearbox, inspection of the lower end gears found minimal wear and the early detection allowed for preservation of the gear set.  

Customer was alerted in time to run their remaining raw materials, take down the line naturally, install new bearings, and complete preventive maintenance on the line with no production loss, avoiding an estimated 1,200 hours of downtime for a gearbox rebuild.

The customer estimated they saved $1.2M with Vero® in just 12 months and subsequently expanded the proactive maintenance solution into two additional manufacturing facilities.

Vero sensors and insight from our AssetWatch CME saved us an estimated $1.2M in just one year. My team and leadership quickly went from skeptical to having a fear of going without Vero in a very short time.

Maintenance Reliability Engineer

First Year Customer Savings
Unplanned Downtime Prevented
Data Points Analyzed

Success Leads to Expansion

After realizing incredible value from Vero® in the first 12 months, the facility expanded the monitoring program and now 370+ vibration sensors are preventing unplanned downtime on more than 100 critical machine assets. What’s more, the manufacturer has since deployed Vero® into two additional facilities with plans for a national rollout.

*ROI across more than 165+ manufacturing customers
$1.2M+ First Year Cost Savings
$54,000 Subscription =

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