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Winning with Predictive Maintenance

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance is the action of using condition data to determine when corrective maintenance should be performed on machine assets to prevent future failures and costly unplanned downtime on pumps, motors, bearings, gearboxes, fans, and other rotating industrial equipment.  By using IoT sensors and software to monitor and analyze vibration, temperature and other condition inputs, potential failures can be resolved before they occur, extending the life of the equipment.  

Big wins or little wins, either way you’re still winning.

Let's review some case studies on the success of using Vero, an affordable, end-to-end Condition Monitoring solution-as-a-service. In our first case study, the Vero solution had been in place just one week. Full spectrum wireless vibration and temperature sensors were installed across the facility and data was analyzed by machine learning (ML) along with a dedicated Condition Monitoring Engineer (CME). Misalignments were observed between a motor and stripper pump, sulfur pump bearing and recirculating pump bearing. The CME issues specific Maintenance Recommendations, and quick action by the facility maintenance team resolved the issues, saving over $50,000 in losses.  

In the second case, ML and advanced analytics alerted the CME of 126 Hz with 30Hz sidebands on the primary plastics Extruder Motor, leading the CME to issue a Maintenance Recommendation that prevented a catastrophic failure. It is worthy to note that this motor had been replaced only five months before the start of Vero monitoring and recent route-based monitoring had missed this problem. The results were $30K-$60K in costs avoided and 6-13 weeks downtime prevented.  

We will discuss the largest win in the third and final predictive maintenance save. The CME observed an issue with an Oil Boiler Motor and Pump that was installed after a previous costly seal and bearing failure. Very high misalignment was reported between the motor and pump driven by the 1x of its turning speed. The CME analyzed the data and observed an angular misalignment and possible eccentricity at coupling between pump and motor due to a dominant 1x in the Z-axis and Y-axis at 60 HZ. It was found that a thermal growth of the pump was not considered while aligning the pump and a repeat failure was avoided by aligning the new pump again. This resulted in $700,000 in savings from a single recommendation.

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