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Vero® detects potential problems faster and gives you precise maintenance recommendations so you can proactively maintain your machines at optimal performance.

In an industry where downtime equates to lost productivity and profit, our Predictive Maintenance service offers a seamless, Condition Monitoring-as-a-Service solution designed to enhance machine longevity without the complexities of CapEx, engineering, or IT integration. This all-inclusive package includes professional installation, state-of-the-art hardware, a robust communication network, and unlimited access to the AssetWatch® cloud-based software, complemented by a dedicated Condition Monitoring Engineer (CME).

This engineer leverages machine learning and comprehensive vibration data to detect potential issues and provide prescriptive maintenance recommendations, ensuring your operations run smoothly. By implementing Vero®, our cutting-edge, maintenance-free wireless sensors, you gain precise, actionable insights into tri-axial vibration and temperature, enabling a proactive maintenance strategy that significantly minimizes the risk of unplanned downtime. Discover how our revolutionary service can transform your maintenance strategy by scheduling a demo with us at

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