Connected Smart Breather

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Protect your assets with a connected smart breather. Prevent up to 70% of external contaminants from damaging lubricated equipment.

In the intricate world of manufacturing, controlling contamination is paramount to ensuring the durability and efficiency of machinery. An astonishing 70% of external contaminants infiltrate lubricated systems through unfiltered breathers or fill ports, with water being the foremost adversary. This not only threatens the integrity of assets but also accelerates wear and tear, potentially leading to premature failures. Enter the Connected Smart Breather technology—a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize contamination control in manufacturing. By offering precise, real-time monitoring and protection against moisture and contamination, this technology significantly extends the lifespan of machinery and enhances operational efficiency across various sectors, including gearboxes, hydraulics, API pumps, and turbo compressors.

To fully understand the transformative impact of the Connected Smart Breather and how it can optimize your manufacturing processes, we invite you to download our comprehensive resource. Inside, you'll find detailed insights into the technology's features, such as remote monitoring through AssetWatch, optimized desiccant replacement schedules, and the integration of smart breather data for strategic maintenance planning. Equip yourself with the knowledge to take a proactive stance in contamination control and safeguard your critical assets against the detrimental effects of external contaminants. Download our resource today and step into the future of efficient, reliable manufacturing operations.

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