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Separator Fan Cleaning Prevents $120k in Lost Production and Repair Costs for Cement Plant

The Challenge

A global cement manufacturer needed an affordable wireless predictive maintenance solution to monitor their tier-II critical machine assets at their flagship North American plant. Wired solutions were too expensive and route-based solutions were not feasible on most of these assets. They chose the Vero® wireless predictive maintenance solution and were rewarded with a 57X ROI after the first six months. Now Vero® is preventing unplanned downtime and increasing productivity at six of their plants.

Creating Value, Resolving Issues

The AssetWatch® Condition Monitoring Engineer (CME) dedicated to monitoring the machine assets at a flagship cement plant alerted customer of a separator fan issue on their most profitable line, noting increased vibration at the turning speed of the fan in the horizontal and axial directions. Additionally, non-synchronous vibration was noted on the fan motor DE bearing.

Customer was notified to check the fan for material build up suspected of causing the imbalance, and to inspect the inner raceway of the fan DE bearing for damage.

Vibration dropped significantly after cleaning and the early alert on the bearing fault provided the customer the luxury of having several months to schedule the bearing replacement before failure.

The customer estimated that the fan cleaning and subsequent early bearing replacement prevented $120,000 in lost production and repair costs. Below are the key metrics from just the initial six-month service.

AssetWatch's world-class service and expert machine health insights saved us more than $1.1M in just six months, without having to spend a dime on CapEx.

Corporate Maintenance Manager

Six-Month Customer Savings
Data Points Analyzed
Downtime Risks Resolved
Downtime Hours Prevented
ROI Delivered

Rapid Enterprise Expansion

Immediately following the successful six-month paid trial at their flagship North American cement plant, this global cement manufacturer quickly expanded Vero® into five additional plants. AssetWatch® CMEs with the help of ML are now monitoring 900 sensors and preventing unplanned downtime at six facilities with total customer savings now exceeding $2M.

*ROI across more than 165+ manufacturing customers

One Sensor Saved a Potential $120k in Lost Gross Margin!

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Our 30-day, risk free trial is only $199.

AssetWatch customers save on average 8x in ROI. That means for every $1 you give us, we give $8 back to you.

Includes professional installation of up to 200 sensors (a $10k+ value)

24/7 monitoring and a dedicated CME for your site

AssetWatch cloud-based software with unlimited licenses

No CapEx, Engineering or IT integration required

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