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Ammonia Compressor Crisis Averted: Proactive Monitoring Success

The Challenge

A global food processor faced a critical situation when AssetWatch's AI-driven condition monitoring system detected unusual bearing wear in an ammonia compressor, indicating a risk of catastrophic failure. Despite the urgency, service schedules and the comprehensive nature of the necessary repairs posed significant operational and financial risks. This scenario underscored the need for prompt, accurate maintenance interventions in high-stakes industrial environments.

Creating Value, Resolving Issues

AssetWatch's Condition Monitoring Engineers (CMEs), leveraging AI for end-to-end condition monitoring, played a pivotal role in averting a potential disaster. By analyzing vibration, temperature, and oil quality data in real-time, the CMEs not only identified the problem early but also provided actionable, prescriptive maintenance recommendations.

Their persistent monitoring and collaboration with the client's maintenance team ensured the timely replacement of defective bearings, thus preventing the ammonia compressor from failing and ensuring continuous, safe operation.

AssetWatch's vigilant AI and expert team were instrumental in diagnosing the issue early and guiding us through the necessary steps to prevent a catastrophic failure.

Maintenance Reliability Engineer

Repair Costs Avoided
Rapid Response Time
24 hours
Significant Vibration Reduction
6g to 1g

Catastrophic Failure Averted

Thanks to AssetWatch's proactive monitoring and the quick actions taken based on their recommendations, the global food processor avoided a catastrophic failure of their ammonia compressor. By replacing the defective bearings before a complete breakdown, the client not only ensured the safety and continuity of their operations but also achieved significant cost savings. The intervention led to an 80% reduction in potential repair costs, highlighting the tangible return on investment provided by AssetWatch's services.

*ROI across more than 165+ manufacturing customers

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