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Implementing a Condition Monitoring Program Is Easier Than Ever

For most of history, industrial equipment maintenance was a task fraught with guesswork and irritation. With Vero, AssetWatch’s rapidly deployable end-to-end remote condition monitoring solution, that no longer needs to be the case. As Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Let Us Handle It

Vero provides maintenance-free machine health monitoring that quickly and easily installs to your existing equipment. Our team of professionals will securely install a network of wireless vibration and temperature sensors on key monitoring points of your equipment, usually in one day or less. Readings from your sensors are interpreted by our certified Condition Monitoring Engineers (CMEs) backed up by machine learning to provide proactive maintenance recommendations.

The entire Vero system is operated and maintained by our team without any need for upkeep on your part. A network of cellular hotspots is included with your subscription that allows all of your condition monitoring data to flow to us independently of your communication network. Our system goes to work as an inexhaustible member of your team who is on task 24/7.

Vibration Monitoring Made Simple

Our certified professionals will work with you to determine your most critical machine assets and the best method to monitor them. We'll install durable, corrosion-resistant sensors to your equipment that last for years and are replaced free of charge before they wear out. Our team will help to determine alert thresholds and get the data flowing to our CMEs through our AssetWatch visualization software platform.

Give Alert Fatigue a Rest

You've got enough to do as it is, which is why we're here to monitor your machine health readings. Don't worry about getting lost in the tide of alert notifications and the desensitizing effect that they have. All of your alerts come straight to us, and we'll analyze not only what's important or what's wrong; we'll determine a course of action to keep those small problems from becoming big problems.

One-Stop Stats

Our cloud-based software provides secure access to all of your monitoring data displayed in a dashboard customized to your particular needs. Any member of your team can be granted access to the data per your request. Reports are easily adapted to your company's terminology, and you can create notification groups and escalation groups to communicate with your team by SMS or email. Time domain and spectral waveforms (FFT) are included.

Notification features are easy to recognize and designed to reduce that dreaded alert fatigue. Vibration and temperature charts are laid out in a clear and understandable manner. Vibration analysis is made simple with peak overall velocity graphs that can be isolated on the X, Y, or Z axis. Data can be integrated with your existing CMMS to provide opportunities for more efficient maintenance scheduling.

Condition Management Excellence

Our CMEs are a top-notch team of Category II, III and IV Certified Vibration Analysts with years of hands-on reliability experience whose pedigrees include manufacturers such as Bayer, Bosch, Saint-Gobain, and WestRock.  Our CMEs dedicate their time and attention to observing and analyzing the patterns of your machine data, then use that data to offer your valuable equipment round-the-clock protective monitoring. CMEs are trained to use the information from Vero sensors to recommend adjustments and repairs to your machinery that keep them running smoothly without expensive incidents.

Forget the Red Tape

Vero is an all-inclusive subscription service bundled into a single monthly price that does not require a CapEx budget. No need to visit with the money guys to get your extensive preventative maintenance project approved and funded; we'll take care of your entire vibration monitoring system forever. Monthly subscriptions are priced per monitoring point, with quantity discounts reducing costs on larger systems. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Low Cost, No-Risk Trial

Our $199 trial provides 30 days of data collection and monitoring combined with prescriptive responses from our experts. This trial offer covers up to 50 of your machine assets, giving you a chance to see the potential of predictive maintenance. Sensors are attached magnetically by our professionals and can be removed with ease should you decide not to continue using our services. Once we're in business, a variety of permanent equipment mounting solutions are available.

What We Aim For

Your machines are the most crucial and expensive aspects of your company's output abilities. You depend on them, care for them, and manage them. We would like to join and assist in their care, and in doing so save your company enough money to get your boss looking at you as an even greater asset than you already are. Case studies demonstrate how we provide what we call a "10X Experience" by preventing expensive critical asset failures, increasing your manufacturing uptime, and delivering an average +8X ROI by partnering with us.

Rapid Returns

One of our clients, an HDPE plastic pipe manufacturer, trialed our services, and within the first four days of monitoring, major issues were detected by the dedicated Vero CME. We discovered that motor bearings replaced just five months earlier were already failing and in imminent danger of taking their extruder out of service. Maintenance and prompt repair saved 13 weeks of production downtime and $30k-$60k for an ROI of 19X to 38X.

Another client, a specialty polymer manufacturer, received four in-depth Prescriptive Asset Alerts (PAA), allowing Vero to prevent 69 hours of unexpected downtime worth between $129,000 and $175,000 in lost value. Their ROI in the first 45 days of service was calculated by the customer to be between 49X-66X the cost of their Vero subscription!

On Faithful Watch

Vero is always working, even when you're not. Manufacturing is a precision process in perpetual progress, and we developed Vero to be a cutting-edge guardian of your critical assets that can expand right along with your business. Our machine learning algorithms are constantly optimizing your alert thresholds to help you make sure that you don't miss a minute to surprise equipment failure.

The precision internal components of your sophisticated equipment are not meant to grind to a halt. Put a stop to sudden stoppage with a professionally installed, maintained and monitored solution by requesting a demo from AssetWatch today.

Author: Brian Ratliff

Brian is CRO of AssetWatch, leading Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing. A team builder and lover of startups, Brian can hit a pretty good stick when he finds himself on the links.

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Our 30-day, risk free trial is only $199.

AssetWatch customers save on average 8x in ROI. That means for every $1 you give us, we give $8 back to you.

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24/7 monitoring and a dedicated CME for your site

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