• HomeWatch®

    HomeWatch provides a framework for easy documentation, storage, and retrieval of your home inventory and valuable personal assets, room by room, item by item to protect you in case of loss of any kind. HomeWatch helps you reduce the time it takes to maximize your claim from insurance companies.

    • Documents the contents of your home in around 1 hour using pre-populated templates.
    • Estimates the value of your contents using our fair values database.
    • Gives you evidence of asset ownership and value.
    • Makes tracking receipts trouble-free. For possessions without receipts, once entered into AssetWatch, you have evidence of their existence and value. For new possessions, simply upload the receipt into AssetWatch.
    • Offers comprehensive reporting, so you can quickly provide the insurance adjuster with a complete list of your possessions.
  • InsuranceWatch®

    InsuranceWatch stores the critical data from your insurance policies for quick access in an emergency. Policies are identified by type such as vehicle, home, life, medical and dental and can be customized to include other unique coverage’s for example: jewelry, special electronics and collectables, etc.

    • Documents key insurance information using pre-populated templates and lets you upload any existing agreements and files from the insurance company.
    • Lists as many insurance policies as you have by category, vehicle, home, medical, dental, others can be added to be customized by need.
    • Gives you quick contact info of your insurance agent and family members under coverage.
    • In case of total loss like fire, all you have to do is log in to and get contact information to your insurance agent and make a call.
  • DocumentWatch®

    DocumentWatch provides a framework to store your critical documents in their digital format. Any document can be scanned and uploaded into an appropriate category listed under DocumentWatch or customize to user’s needs. The categories include Estate Plan, Financial, Insurance, Medical, Personal, Reports. This is designed for your ongoing needs to be updated and refreshed periodically for everyday use, future opportunities and not just for emergencies.

    • Stores key documents, any size, for retrieval anytime anywhere.
    • Provides room for personal notes related to any and all documents stored in the DocumentWatch. Add note with a date anytime to keep track or remind you of the status and/or action about that specific document.
    • Gives you framework for digitizing and documenting not only the categories and documents listed above, but important personal documents like appraisals, deeds, testaments, taxes, important letters, personal pictures, passport(s), travel documents, Certificates (birth, marriage, naturalization, etc.) and a lot more.
    • In case of total loss like fire, all you have to do is log in to and retrieve your documents as needed.


  • MedicalWatch®

    MedicalWatch ensures your family’s critical medical information is available when you most need it. MedicalWatch stores and tracks:

    • Critical health information for you and your loved ones, including medical records, alerts, allergies, and ailments.
    • Medical insurance and physician information and contact. Can add any specialist or special condition as needed.
    • Dental information and dentist information and contact.
    • Provides room for personal notes for past and future reference. Actual medical records, annual test results, X-rays and MRI’s can be uploaded into the DocumentWatch section.
  • WalletWatch®

    WalletWatch stores information about the critical contents of your wallet or purse in case of loss or theft to help you take immediate action to reduce financial damage and emotional stress.

    • Bank accounts and credit card information with passwords and pins with contact phone numbers for all family members.
    • Driver’s license information for every family member and any other identification you find important and necessary.
    • Provides room for personal notes for detailed documentation and tracking.
    • Can be customized to include other information as needed, like passport, travel details, contact information, etc.
  • PasswordWatch®

    PasswordWatch stores your often times difficult to remember passwords, user names, and key web site information for easy access whenever you need them.

    • Any web site, any account, pins and passwords.
    • List countless accounts with different passwords without worries of misplacing the information.
    • Easy, one stop central solution to ever growing demand for our digital security.
    • Provides room for personal notes for past and future reference.


  • IdentityWatch®

    IdentityWatch will empower you with the tools to track potential fraud on your own accounts. Details to come Q4 2011.