Home Inventory System - A Horror Story of Papers, Bills, and Identity Theft That Ended Right

A few years ago, Olivia Carlson’s mother-in-law got ill, and till this very day she needs 24-hour care at a nursing home. In consequence, Olivia takes care of her finances and makes sure all bills are paid on time.

To add to the equation, Mrs. Carlson was victim of identity theft about a year ago, and Olivia had to work with the police department to catch the criminal, who was caught, sentenced, and ordered to pay restitution; however, Olivia does not think that will happen.

Obviously, it is unnecessary to explain how much paperwork Olivia receives from banks, credit card companies, hospitals, doctors, and state and federal government agencies. It is simply beyond comprehension.

To help herself get organized, Olivia bought some filing boxes, but these got full so quickly that after a while she simply opted for tossing papers into a large plastic bin promising herself that she would get a large filing cabinet to store everything as soon as she could.

About two months ago she reorganized her office and put the bin next to the garage while she cleaned. That night it rained, but she didn’t worry because the bin had a tight plastic lid.

The next day, when she went to get the bin to put it back where it “belonged”, it weighed much more than before, and when she opened the bin to check it… paper soup was what she found.

Luckily, no one was around to hear what Olivia thought of lid, the bin, and its soaked content!

It took her about a week to dry all the documents; laying them down in line to dry, 30 at a time, before putting them in a “dry” pile she proceeded to iron to make sure every document was legible. Olivia most definitely learned her lesson.

She swore she would never again deal with paper documents, and she decided to go digital.

Olivia found AssetWatch, a company that offers a highly reliable and well-priced home inventory system, and now she is confident that her mother-in-law and her family’s documents are absolutely safe and well-organized.

AssetWatch is an online home inventory system whose mission is to empower you to better organize your everyday life and to help you minimize the loss and stress brought on by disasters.

DocumentWatch is the part of this very complete home inventory system that consists of an easy-to-use, secure, online vault where you can store any kind of personal information you want to keep safe, such as photographs, real estate documents, purchase receipts, and much more.

We even offer you an IdentityWatch tool that would have saved Olivia and her family, as she stated in her own words, “a lot of headaches, frustration, and pain if only I had known such excellent products existed to help people safeguard their personal and private information.”

We welcome you to learn more about us, our prime privacy and security levels, the wide and important range of products we offer, and why you should use AssetWatch.

We are certain that you will be able to see how well we understand what you need in terms of document and asset security and that we even go beyond. This is because our founder and chief executive officer, Mike Batesole, has experienced this need firsthand.

Our CEO and founder warmly invites you to meet the team and to browse our website. There is lots of valuable information we share so that you understand how AssetWatch can benefit your life.

Our home inventory system key features are designed to empower you against any inconvenience or emergency and to maximize your level of control over your life without sacrificing security.

Contact us with your questions and comments and you will receive an answer promptly, or read our FAQs page to confirm that we have a direct and accurate answer for your most pressing questions about the safety of our online financial and home inventory system.

We exist to help you empower yourself… and to give you peace of mind, take advantage of the opportunity!