Home Inventory Manager - 3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Medical Records

Where do you keep your personal and your family’s medical records?

What would happen if you were traveling and you, one of your kids, or grandpa had an accident and ended up in the hospital?

Would you remember the medications they are taking or can’t take?

If you want to ensure your safety and health, and that of your family, you must have all of your medical records together and up to date.

Keeping them organized and in hand will save you time and help you avoid unnecessary distress.

Normally, in a family, mom is the record keeper, and this can be an overwhelming task.

Sometimes the mother must track not only the kids’ information but also elderly parents’ medical records, which makes it a bigger priority to keep everything in order.

Why? Because organized, updated and handy medical records can save lives. As it is, errors in medications or medical procedures cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

It is a person’s responsibility to keep up with his or her medical records and health history; this is extremely helpful to health professionals, as team players, in assisting the individual and saving his or her life.

There are many ways to get your medical information organized, and whether you choose an online or hand-written method to record everything, by doing so you are ensuring you and your family will get the best medical care when needed, and you are also saving yourself time and stress every time you need to get any data.

Among the biggest benefits of organizing medical records, you will appreciate these:

  • Diminishes the risk of medication errors or medical mistakes
  • Consolidates all your family’s health information
  • Can help reveal family patterns of disease
  • May lead to early detection of inherited, genetic, or chronic illnesses
  • Makes you and your family active participants in your health care
  • Promotes communication with your doctor
  • Tracks immunizations, allergies, tests, medical procedures and appointments

Below you will find 3 easy ways to organize your medical records and have them handy in case of an emergency. We recommend you combine at least two of these methods to ensure your information’s integrity:

  1. Get a personal medical journal

    This is a spiral-bound notebook you can use to track the medical and dental history of every family member. This is very helpful if you have a kid or parent who suffers from a chronic disease.

    You can customize it to suit your family needs and it is easy to take along when you travel.

  2. Get a family health organizer

    This is a ring-bound medical record organizer that can hold two parents and up to three children.

    It contains a separate section for each family member and tracks milestones for children, appointments, medications, and hospital stays.

  3. Hire an online home inventory manager service

    AssetWatch is a home inventory manager that offers you the MedicalWatch service, where you can safely store yours and your family’s medical information to access it easily whenever you need it.

AssetWatch is a home inventory manager designed to empower you to better organize your everyday life and to help you and your loved ones minimize the loss and stress during tough times.

AssetWatch lets you store critical health information, medical records, medical insurance documents, physician information, dental information, and even power of attorney for medical decisions.

In addition, we offer high-tech home inventory manager products for personal and financial security under a strict and sophisticated privacy and security platform that will simplify your life by not only guarding your medical records but also every other important document you own.

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