Home Inventory Business Software - Should Tenants Do a Home Inventory?

When a person decides to rent an apartment or a house, normally they do a walk-through with the landlord to see if anything needs repair or replacing.

However, after moving in, it is a good idea that the tenant do a separate home inventory, listing all the items he or she has brought in.

Why is it important that you, as a tenant, do a home inventory?

The truth is that anyone who has material possessions they value, whether they live alone or with someone, rent an apartment or own a house, should do and keep a home inventory.

First and most importantly, such an inventory can be of great help if later you have to file a claim on your renter’s insurance, because a home inventory acts as proof that you owned the item you are claiming.

Second, by doing a home inventory you may realize that certain items like electronic equipment, antique furniture, or jewelry, must be insured separately, and this helps you realize the real value of the things you own.

Third, it is very useful when you decide to make a will, because it can help you remember everything you have to include as well as its value.

Fourth, if you don’t have a lot of space, a home inventory may help you decide what’s most valuable to you and what can be sold or donated. Remember that less is more…

A home inventory must include the description of your most valuable possessions, including make, color, size, model or serial number, date of purchase, and price or replacement cost.

You can make the list by hand, using a chart, or you can type it and store it electronically in a text file or using more sophisticated software.

No matter how you decide to do it, you should know that a very important part of a home inventory consists of taking pictures and video taping your possessions.

Walk slowly around your apartment with a video camera describing your important belongings, and take photos of your most cherished items and include them in your written or electronically stored inventory.

Once your home inventory is finished, there’s still something more you should do.

What would happen if your computer crashed and the only copy you had of your inventory was in your hard drive? Or if there was a fire or hurricane and your paper copy ended up in flames or under tons of debris?

Exactly! Besides storing it electronically or having a paper copy at home, you should use home inventory business software like AssetWatch to save your work online.

In this way, it is completely secure, and you can access it from any computer and any location.

In addition, a home inventory has to be updated regularly to include any major purchases you make, and a home inventory business software will simplify the process of including new possessions, deleting items you have sold or donated, and updating your inventory in any other way necessary to keep it revised in case of an emergency.

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