What customers have to say about AssetWatch:

  • I’m a business advisor and like to know who I’m doing business with. When I first heard of AssetWatch, I did some checking into the careers and backgrounds of the CEO and COO of the company before signing up. I was quite impressed. read more
    Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A.
    Business and Life Success Coach
  • Because theft is so rampant, police agencies are flooded with confiscated stolen goods. But we are unable to trace them to their rightful owners. If the victims of theft simply kept detailed records of their property, we would be able to deliver it to them instead of auctioning it off. read more
    Robert Cebalo,
    San Francisco police officer
  • When I originally signed up for AssetWatch I was expecting it to allow me to document my household items and add pictures for proof if I ever needed them. Now that I have been able to use AssetWatch to its full capability, I realize that it does so much more than that. read more
    Brad Goodshaw,
    Clayton, CA
  • I used AssetWatch to document my home after a major remodel but I love the EmergencyWatch piece of AssetWatch and PasswordWatch was a life saver for me. After a long vacation, I was back to my "normal" life and had to remember… read more
    Greg Tallman,
    Concord, CA