• Security

    AssetWatch keeps your information secure in 7 ways:

    1. State-of-the-art digital security. AssetWatch secures your information using bank-level encryption and password protection technology. We store all your information on a dedicated server. We encrypt using Verisign – the system used by 93 percent of Fortune-500 companies and 40 of the world's top-100 banks.
    2. Sophisticated physical security. Our data center represents a $25 million investment and provide a safe home for your information. We apply sophisticated standards for safety, power, connectivity, hardware, performance, and security. Our technology ensures 99.9% uptime for AssetWatch and our data center is protected by 24/7/365 security.
    3. Dedicated infrastructure. AssetWatch runs on a dedicated network, with an independent server and firewall. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of security.
    4. Enhanced password protection. Unlike the six-character passwords used by competitors, we enhance security by requiring eight alpha numeric characters. This meets recent recommendations from security experts.
    5. Security audits. AssetWatch’s security is frequently inspected by an independent third party security specialist.
    6. Strict employee checks. All our employees must pass financial and criminal background checks as a condition of employment.
    7. Computer recognition. The AssetWatch system recognizes your computer and if your account is accessed from a different computer the correct answer to a security question will be required.

    All of AssetWatch’s management store their critical personal information on the same platform our customers use.

  • Privacy

    AssetWatch keeps your personal information private in 6 ways:

    1. No social security numbers required. You register anonymously. We don’t need your last name or any personally identifiable information. Social security numbers are never required. All you need to join AssetWatch is a valid email address, password, zip code and birth date.
    2. No data to sell. Because we only know your first name, there’s no information to sell, even if we wanted to, which we don’t.
    3. Just information, no transactions. AssetWatch is an information repository only. No transactions are possible within the platform.
    4. Industry certification. Our privacy protection standards are certified by industry leader TRUSTe.
    5. Private messaging. Periodically AssetWatch will communicate with members about service enhancements and other matters. This system is completely private and exclusive to members.
    6. No employee access. AssetWatch employees cannot access your personal information.