• Simple set up

    Setting up your AssetWatch account is simple. Here's how:

    • Enter your first name, birth date and ZIP code.
    • Choose a password.
    • You have an account.

    There's never any software to download or fiddle with.

  • Easy to use

    AssetWatch’s intuitive, visual interface and easy-to-fill forms make uploading and maintaining your personal information easy. Capturing your personal information is quick and painless:

    • Upload the personal information you want AssetWatch to watch over using our template forms.
    • Photograph and upload images of your most valuable assets. We guide you on how to do this.
    • AssetWatch automatically categorizes and stores your information for access whenever you need it.
    • Once your information is securely uploaded to AssetWatch, our patent–pending AssetWatch software takes over. You no longer have to worry because your information is always there when you need it.
    • If you want to make uploading your information even easier, just send us your critical documents and we will scan them into AssetWatch for you. Your documents stay secure at all times.
  • Everything important in one place

    AssetWatch is the most complete and empowering personal information solution you can buy. Here’s why:

    • Stores all your critical information from insurance policies to photographs in one secure place. It protects much more than your identity.
    • Access to all your information from anywhere, at any time of day or night, on any day of the year.
    • Provides a single, secure log in, so you avoid password hell.
  • Only you know your identity

    As a member of AssetWatch, nobody knows your identity, except you. Your AssetWatch account starts anonymous and stays anonymous.

    Setting up a membership account only requires a first name, password, zip code and birth date. Nobody at AssetWatch ever knows your last name or social security number.

    See the 7 steps to security and 6 steps to privacy for more details.

  • Just data, no money

    AssetWatch is an information only service. You can store and organize all your key personal information, but no transactions take place within the system, for you or anybody else.

  • Bank-level data security

    AssetWatch provides bank–level data security. Our security and privacy practices have been validated by an independent third party.

    See the 7 steps to security.

  • Shops for savings

    When it is time to renew your insurance policy, AssetWatch offers a service that will shop anonymously to ensure you always have the best deal and adequate coverage.

    Service is planned to be available - 2Q 2011.