Email Reports

While you are in Reports section, you can email several reports to yourself or to other persons you want.

1. Email Reports to yourself

In order to email report(s) to yourself, you have to select one or more generated reports, then click the email icon and then click “Email to myself”.

email reports









2. Email reports to someone else

In order to email reports to other persons, you have to select one or more generated reports, click on the Email icon and then click “Email to someone else”. A dialog pops-up and there you will be able to enter the email addresses, the subject of the email, the text message of the email and you can deselect some of the reports. The reports will be archived and emailed.

Email reports to someone else


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Generate Report from Inventory

While you are in inventory, you can select one or more items(asset/room/property) and you can generate a Detailed Inventory Report or an Inventory Summary Report. These reports will include only the items selected.

Generate Report From Inventory

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Complete selling an asset on eBay

This hlep section refers to a feature that is available only to the account owner of the account you are currently logged on. Also for this to work, eBay Integration must be enabled and properly configured for this account.

To complete the selling of an asset on Bay you need to fill information needed by eBay to create an item listing on their site. Please follow  the steps below:

  1. Choose eBay category hierarchy for your listing – choose what you think it matches your asset best;
  2. Describe your item – name, description, condition (if applicable to selected categories), item images; please note that some of the information will be pre-filled with your asset’s information. If your asset has images added in the Inventory, you will be able to select which photo to appear in the eBay listing.AssetWatch - Sell Asset (1)AssetWatch - Sell Asset (2)
  3. Fill item specifics – fill information related to item selected categories; this information is optional and strictly depends on the categories you selected;
  4. Choose format and price – select eBay listing format, select duration for listing, set a price and a quantity (if applicable);
  5. Select how you’ll be paid – select a payment method;
  6. Fill shipping details – fill information related with how the shipping will be done;
  7. Select return policy – configure your item return policy (if applicable);
  8. Once all the mandatory information were entered click on Post on eBay button to post the item listing;
  9. If the listing was successfully you will get a reponse message similar to the one below:
    AssetWatch - Sell Asset (3)In this response message you can see what was the listing fee amount, the unique item listing ID stored by eBay (you can store this for later use), until when the item listing will be active on eBay. You can also navigate to eBay and see the actual item listing or go back to your asset.
  10. In the case the listsing is unsuccessfull you will see a message from eBay in the response.
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Quick add person as beneficiary

In order to quick add a new person as a beneficiary and use it for your assets you need to follow the steps below:

  1. click on the “+” icon and choose to add an Asset
  2. a dialog pops-up, go to the Location tab and click on the Quick add person as beneficiary hyperlink
  3. fill the first name and last name and click ADD button
  4. the newly added person is selected as your asset’s beneficiary.
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